Touchstone Necklaces
Finally, jewelry that validates our inner need to fidget !

This tactile pendant design was inspired by a 17th century silver pendant that I saw in an antique gallery. As I held it, my fingers found a groove worn smooth by endless handling. I felt connected to the original owner of the piece, and thought how much we all need something to hold on to, something that reminds us of the natural beauty all around us. I designed the touchstone pendant to honor that beauty.

Each Touchstone is hand-formed in a 3500°F torch flame, then heat-cured in a kiln for 12 hours for added strength. About 1-1/2 inches tall. Perfect thumb-shaped indention. Reversible. Strung on an adjustable satin cord. Comes packaged in a linen paper gift box with insert card explaining the Touchstone's use and meaning. 

Please inquire if you would like to see the touchstones I currently have available.

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