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Upcoming Publications

Escape from Haida Gwaii
Second in the Rae & Remy adventure series. Coming in 2016.

Just Like Tommy
New fiction, in first draft stage..... even I don't know how it ends!

Published Writings

The Fritizens of Ant-ioch
Irregular blog about the fire ants in my backyard, and their love affair with glass frit. What is frit? You'll have to read their blog to find out.

The Cabochon Adventure e-book
Everything you ever wanted to know about making flameworked glass cabochons and setting them in jewelry! Available here.

Button Maker Mandrel System e-book
Step by step instructions for building your own button mandrel for less than a buck a piece! Available here

Disappearance at Mexican Hat
First in the Rae & Remy adventure series, this is a "girl detective" inspired novel intended for adult readers. It's available through, here. If you want an autographed copy, please email me.

Jewelry Crafts, Step by Step Jewelry
assorted how-to articles for hobbyist magazines

Lapidary Journal
'Shoestring Workshop' 23 article series on silversmithing (1991-1995) 

PolyShrink Jewelry Techniques
Instructional manual for using shrink plastic in jewelry (out of print)

Rio Grande Tools and Equipment catalog
Editor/copywriter 1988-1996


In addition to writing extensively for the craft and jewelry industries, my writing includes poetry and short fiction, some of which can be found here:

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